About Us

We were tired of takeout, but just a little too busy to cook dinner every night.

Lunch table.

Our Story

Feeding a family is hard

A few months after my son was born, my wife and I realized our takeout habits had to change. We wanted to feed him the same food we were eating, and we did not want him eating the restaurant delivery we had come to rely on.

I looked into hiring a private chef but it seemed inaccessible, so we got some friends in the neighborhood to share one with us. Other friends heard about it and wanted in, so we decided to open it up to a handful of other neighborhoods in SF.

Today, the folks cooking with Private Chef Club hail from some of the top culinary institutions in San Francisco including Saison, SPQR and Al's Place. We’ve also moved the operation into a commercial kitchen.

It’s early days for this project, so please don’t hesitate to share feedback.

- Andrew Chapin, Private Chef Club Founder

Cooking mushrooms in a pan.


Comforting and compelling

Less salt and fat. More vegetables.
Cooking mushrooms in a pan.
Roasted cauliflower
Healthy balance between protein, grains and vegetables.
Beef and rice

Popular Dishes

Private Chef Club meals draw inspiration from both homestyle classics and various international cuisines.

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